Blog Disclosure Policy

What’s is a Blog Disclosure Policy?

It’s basically just a place where I can tell you that I’m going to comply with the new FTC Regulations about product reviews and endorsements.

My policy: I won’t endorse a product if I haven’t first tried it and believe that it is a good value (even if it’s free). This goes for products that I receive an affiliate commission on. If I don’t use them myself (as in: I am also a paying customer), I won’t promote them.

I feel any products I recommend reflect on my integrity as a business owner, blogger and instructor. If any product is given to me free, and I write a review on it, I’ll certainly disclose that (though I’m not a t a level yet of getting any free products! ha!)

Advertisements will be obvious. You will see ads for products for which I am an affiliate on this site. And if I get to that point, I’ll have paid advertisements as well.

If you do see a product mentioned on my site, feel free to ask a question in the comments section, or drop me an email and I’ll clarify my relationship to the company/product being advertised.

No pretense. Just compliance.