Cheese Making

I’m really getting frustrated. I’ve been to countless stores (okay, I guess I *could* count them) and I can’t find rennet anywhere.

Dang if The Original White House Cookbook 1887 Edition that I got at a garage sale for a buck doesn’t have a whole section on making cheese (as well as lots of other wonderful old-fashioned recipes). These recipes call for rennet, too!

I’ve called and written the folks at the Junkett company and haven’t heard back yet.

I *can* get it online, but I was hoping to just get it locally. I have one more shop to call to see if they have it.

By the way, The White House Cook Book is AWESOME. I love the way the recipes are written. No list of ingredients, just stuff like “mix one half teacup of milk with a spoonful of flour”. Oh, and “make a brine strong enough to float an egg.” I guess that means salty enough so egg stays aloft. Then there’s also the coffee cup measure. A salt spoon. And lots of other terms that were probably common in the 17th century that I haven’t a clue about. It has a black bean turtle soup — but it also has a real turtle soup (one large green turtle!), plus recipes for cooking squirrel, and other critters.

I’ve already decided that I’m going to try the coleslaw recipe. It has a cooked dressing. Mostly the same stuff that would go into mayo, plus sugar and vinegar, but I want to try it out, nonetheless. I’ll post my results here when I do.

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