Cheesemaking – 2nd attempt

On the cheese-making front: Success!!!

The curd didn’t quite look like the pictures in the instructions, but it definitely worked. It’s yummy, too! I’ll have to work out why my curd looks more like cottage cheese instead of a custard. I wasn’t able to make the ricotta with the whey and I imagine that will explain the problem. Going to visit some cheese-making sites today and ask the experts.

BTW, I got the rennet from a friend. She owns a beer- and wine-making supply business in Norfolk, Virginia called HomeBrewUSA. (think I mentioned this a post or 2 ago). She had Ricki’s 30 Minute Mozzarella & Ricotta Kit
from the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company and she gave me the whole kit as she’s too busy to make cheese since she’s opening a second location.

As a side note: I’m looking forward to taking beer-making classes soon. I had the BEST beer ever while in Cleveland and I want to learn how to make it. I had 3 different varieties from Great Lakes Brewing and it was really just incredible. Can’t find it locally. And really too expensive for everyday drinking (not that I drink beer every day).

The milk was $2.39 for a gallon and made just over a pound. The big bag of shredded mozzarella at Sams cost $1.67 a pound. I like to keep an eye on those numbers. I’ll have to check prices on the solid cheese. Sometimes shredded is perfect, and other times it’s just not what the recipe calls for. Like today, for instance: garden fresh tomatoes and basil with sliced mozzarella. Yum! You just can’t do that with shredded.

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