Poultry Seasoning

This morning when I got out my old American Home All Purpose Cookbook (©1966. I learned to cook with this book when I was 13), I saw my favorite “old fashioned stuffing” recipe called for poultry seasoning. Ack! I’d checked the cupboard for sage, but not for poultry seasoning. After a moment of panic, it occurred to me that poultry seasoning is probably just like pumpkin pie spice — a mixture of other spices. A quick search on Google revealed several recipes. Combining a few of them, I came up with the following:

Home-Made Poultry Seasoning

3 parts ground or rubbed sage
1 part ground thyme
1 part ground marjoram
1/2 part black pepper

I used up the last of my ground marjoram making this, so I’ll just put a new label in that jar and store my new concoction.

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