Harris Teeter – part 1

Actually, I haven’t decided if I’ll go back later today. Lots to do. I picked up all the best deals. The rest of the stuff on my list is just so-so.

I was disappointed to learn that Harris Teeter no longer credits the overage of the coupon to other items. They are only tripling up to the value of the item. But hey, we’re still talking about getting stuff for free.

Even though I got several items for free, I have to say, I think my best buy was the Smithfield Smoked Sausage, on sale for $2.50 with a 75¢ coupon, making them only 25¢ for a pound of sausage.

No detailed list today. Very busy with graphics and such.

All this for $20.96.

All this for a total price (including tax) of $20.96

All this for a total price (including tax) of $20.96