Sweet Savings

Just a little post about the grocery ads this morning. Harris Teeter has Mountaineer apples (my favorite) on sale for 1.69 a pound. Sweet and crisp! Not much else to write home about in their ad, but Farm Fresh is tripling up to 50 cents and doubling up to a dollar, so that’s where my coupon efforts will be focused today through Saturday. I have to do some shopping at Walgreen’s too, to use up my “register rewards.” They changed their terms and you can only use one per transaction, which makes them sort of useless IMO. I’m either buying stuff that is only a couple bucks or is twenty or more. Had problems using one the other day with the over-priced candy I was buying–they wouldn’t let me use a manufacture’s coupon and the register reward in the same transaction. I realized later that it was because I needed a filler. Ug.