Shopping Tips to Save You Money

The average family spends WAY too much on groceries because they buy too many convenience foods and don’t know “how” to shop frugally. Here are some techniques to save money while shopping. We’ll tackle avoiding convenience foods in another post.

Shopping tip #1:
Look high, look low. The highest priced brands are always in the middle—nearer to eye-level.

Shopping tip #2:
Stores don’t necessarily put their sale items on the “end caps”; frequently these items are big profit makers and are being sold at the regular price.

Shopping tip #3:
Know your prices. The best shoppers keep an actual list of the regular and best prices they can find on items they buy regularly. If you don’t know what the regular price is, how do you know if you’re getting a good price otherwise?

Shopping tip #4:
Time is money. Take the time to shop around. I’m not saying you should drive all over town to get your groceries, but see what’s on sale and stores that are nearby and stock up on the “loss leader” items that each store is featuring.

Shopping tip #5:
Make it your goal only to buy most of your grocery items when they are on sale. If you plan well and stock up when you have the opportunity you can really save some big bucks!

Shopping tip #6:
Don’t shop when hungry.

Shopping tip #7:
Use coupons.