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Day 13 – AYGC

I knew tonight was going to kill our budget… it was my father in-law’s 75th birthday, which was the reason for our trip to Ohio. His brother and his wife flew out from California and his sister flew in from Texas to help celebrate — so we went out for dinner… and we picked up the tab. Even if we only calculated the meals by my husband, my son and me, I think we went over. Hubby has the receipt in his wallet. I have to do the math yet, and will get to that once we get home.

Even if we went over budget this week, I’m still going to keep “playing.” It’s a personal challenge for me. Back in February or March I’d challenged myself to not spend more than $100 in groceries for the MONTH, and I was only $20 over, and most of the money I’d spent was on soft drinks. (BTW, that $100 was including household goods and personal products.)

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