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Day 5 – AYGC

No shopping today. All food was from stockpiles.

Tacos for dinner, with some of that hamburger I boiled the other day. Served with leftover white rice and side of refried beans (someone gave me 2 cases of them on freecycle a couple months ago).

I used the last of my ready-to-bake cookie dough for dessert tonight. It was a super deal when I got it a few months ago — on sale for $2.50 with a double-dollar coupon deal, only cost 50ยข. Oh, yum!

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Day 4 – AYGC

For dinner tonight we had BBQ pork sandwiches on my very own recipe for Super Sandwich Rolls. Since I’d heard several times lately that coleslaw was great on BBQ sandwiches, I used up the last of my cabbage and whipped some up to go with the dinner.

No shopping today. Lots of “grazing” on our existing stockpiles.

I’m anxiously awaiting more tomatoes from my garden and my tomatillos (never grew those before!). I’ve had ONE tomato so far. These plants went into the ground in April, so I don’t know what’s going on.

Quick & Simple Coleslaw

1/2 head of cabbage, shredded
3/4 cup mayonnaise
1 T cider vinegar
1 T sugar (or splenda)
Salt and pepper, to taste

Mix everything together except the cabbage with a whisk. Toss dressing with cabbage. Done!

If you’re not going to serve the coleslaw immediately, you should really bleed the cabbage by sprinkling the shredded cabbage generously with salt in a large bowl, then cover it with a plate to weight it down and let it sit for an hour or 2 in the fridge. That will draw the extra water out of it. Drain it and RINSE WELL. Use a salad spinner to get the water out, if need be. Then mix with your dressing and you won’t have watery coleslaw.

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All You Magazine

I’ve found All You to be a great couponing resource. I have to admit I was sorely disappointed when I realized that the magazine I got when I subscribed wasn’t the same as the newsstand version. (I’d thought I had bad luck and subscribed at a bad time, but then when someone referred to a coupon in All You and I couldn’t find it, I decided to check the copies at Walmart and was shocked when they had tons of great coupons and the subscription version had a smattering of yucky ones.

I wrote to the publisher and they confirmed the difference, but told me they were working on a solution. According to Kristin at BeCentable, the subscription and the newsstand copies will be identical starting in July. She’s got a great site and business going, so I’m going to trust her on that.

Just don’t subscribe using the cards in the magazine or you’ll be paying nearly the cover price. You can find an awesome deal on All You Magazine on the BeCentsable site. 2 years for $18, well worth the price.