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Harris Teeter Triples Matchups 11/4-11/10

harris-teeter-logoWhat a surprise when I got up and looked at the newspaper this morning (got home from visiting my mom and sisters last night). Triples for a week!

I’ve done match-ups, and am fairly sure I looked up everything to make sure the prices and the availability are for the Hampton Roads area.

Click here for Harris Teeter Triple Match-ups for 11/4-11/10

There are a handful of RedPlum circulars that I don’t have. I’ve marked those rows with asterisks (*) since I couldn’t check them. Please alert me to any corrections and/or additions.

If you haven’t done it yet, be sure to sign up for e-vic. Harris Teeter is offering some excellent deals each week. This week its a 5-pound bag of sugar for 99¢ (limit 1). With just the Vic card, it’s $1.50, which is still a very good price.

Matchup List for Bloom Super Doubles 10/7-10/13

It’s still a work in progress, but it’s a start. If you’re familiar with my lists, I pretty much limit them to under a buck or two. Since I don’t get Red Plum circulars, I’m probably missing a bunch of good deals. Good luck shopping – we have several days ahead of us.

Bloom Matchup List for 10/7-10/13

Harris Teeter Triple List 9/16-9/22

Sorry about the delay, folks. I was hosting bunco last night at  my house, and didn’t even know triples were coming.

Click here for the triples list

9/17 1:53pm – Updated to reflect circulars in Hampton Roads, I can check RedPlum for most weeks, as I don’t get it in the mail.

Farm Fresh – deals galore!

Using the matchup list provided at website, I made my trip to Farm Fresh tonight. I was fortunate to have a ConAgra coupon book in addition to newspaper circulars. (Especially since I don’t get RedPlum!)

My total at the register was $28.63 for all this:

This is a pretty good amount of food -- all for $28.63, but wait...

This is a pretty good amount of food -- all for $28.63, but wait...

There is a promo going on: when you buy $25 worth of Kellogg’s products (shown in the newspaper ad) you get $10 off your next shopping trip…

Two $5 catalinas, which I'll use in the next week or so.

Two $5 catalinas, which I'll use in the next week or so.

Notice, also in the picture, the Kellogg’s rebate form. For purchasing 10 of the items on the list, I get a $10 rebate directly from Kellogg’s. I’ll be sending THAT in tomorrow morning. (I use an exacto knife to cut the UPCs off the boxes.)

So, after the $10 ONYO (on your next order) and the $10 rebate, all of these goodies cost only $8.63! That’s what I call savings!