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Day 25 – AYGC

Networking meeting day again, so I bought lunch out: $8.72 (for the buffet, water & tip)

Even though we had a cream sauce dish last night, I went ahead and made Chicken Fettucine Alfredo for dinner tonight. Mike LOVES it. He’s been working especially hard on the workshop, so I want to make him nice meals.

The recipe I use for Fettucine Alfredo is from The Pioneer Woman website. If you haven’t visited her site, check it out. She won all sorts of Bloggie awards and even has a cookbook coming out soon. She’s a wonderful writer, photographer, and I haven’t tried a single recipe from her site that I don’t absolutely love.

I brined the chicken breasts while it was defrosting. I’ve been whittling down my stockpile of boneless, skinless breasts. I stock up when the price drops to $1.80 or less a pound, usually buying 20-30 pounds and bagging it up into 1-1/2 pound portions (about what most of my recipes call for). Once the chicken came out of the brine I sliced it into thin strips and tossed it on a hot skillet with just a little bit of olive oil. I toss it with the sauced pasta just before serving. With our pasta entree we had a side of celery sticks. Sort of weak, I know, but I really needed to use the celery up.

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