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Good Deal Alert – Bloom

In today’s Smart Source circular there is a $1/1 coupon for Nestle cookie dough, which is on sale for $2.50, making it only 50 cents.

Bloom Super Doubles and Farm Fresh Deals

I’m off to the store (late, I know) to first head to Farm Fresh to use the amazing list of matchups for Farm Fresh that Lori at The Coupon Consultant put together.

Then I’m heading over to Bloom. Mostly with my high value coupons from the last super doubles. I found a few other coupons online that match up to some sales. It’s really tough to do a decent list for Bloom without being able to check prices, and they are managing to keep their couponing events under wraps well enough that the normal couponing goddesses over at Hot Coupon World aren’t even making lists.

High on my list for Farm Fresh is Nestlé cookie dough for $0.50 with coupon and the mix&match deal

Day 5 – AYGC

No shopping today. All food was from stockpiles.

Tacos for dinner, with some of that hamburger I boiled the other day. Served with leftover white rice and side of refried beans (someone gave me 2 cases of them on freecycle a couple months ago).

I used the last of my ready-to-bake cookie dough for dessert tonight. It was a super deal when I got it a few months ago — on sale for $2.50 with a double-dollar coupon deal, only cost 50¢. Oh, yum!

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