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Super deal on gift cards at Farm Fresh Supermarkets

gift card discountsWhile shopping at Farm fresh the other day, I got a Catalina when I checked out with a great deal on it. When you buy $100 or more participating gift cards in a single transaction you get another Catalina for $20 off  for your next trip. The offer is valid from November 20, 2011 until December 3, 2011. The limit is one grocery coupon issuance per customer per day and you can only redeem one per day as well. The grocery coupon is going to be valid for seven days from issuance. The gift cards are:

  • Applebee’s
  • iTunes
  • JCPenney
  • Lowe’s
  • Macy’s
  • Regal AMC Theaters
  • Sears
  • Kmart
  • Cabelas
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Nike
  • TGI Friday’s
  • Amazon
  • Brinker (Chili’s)
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • DSW
  • OfficeMax
  • Outback Steakhouse

For me, personally, I know I will be getting some Amazon cards and this might just be for myself. I shop at Amazon all the time in this is giving me 20% off the top. Okay okay I’ll probably also gets an iTunes cards for myself

Mega Coupon Event at Farm Fresh – starting tomorrow (Sunday 7/24)


  • Sunday through Tuesday (7/24/11-7/26/11), Farm Fresh will DOUBLE all Manufacturer Coupons up to $2.00.
  • Up to 20 coupons doubled per customer, per day. Limit one coupon per item. Maximum of two like items doubled per shopping visit. Coupons must be redeemed per manufacturers guidelines. Excludes coupons that state “do not double.”

Just saw this on facebook (nice to have “friends” in the right places!)

My “score” at Farm Fresh tonight.

It was a very late trip. By the time I had all my coupons sorted, it was 11:35… Farm Fresh closes at midnight. Good thing I know my way around the store. Plus the guys that stock the shelves are always helpful.

My total was only $8.53. (The EVOO was $5.39 of that.)

For some reason, I thought Bloom was open 24 hours. Not! They closed at midnight too. I’ll head there in the morning. There are some dynamite deals; I’ll post details once I verify prices and all.

Bloom Super Doubles and Farm Fresh Deals

I’m off to the store (late, I know) to first head to Farm Fresh to use the amazing list of matchups for Farm Fresh that Lori at The Coupon Consultant put together.

Then I’m heading over to Bloom. Mostly with my high value coupons from the last super doubles. I found a few other coupons online that match up to some sales. It’s really tough to do a decent list for Bloom without being able to check prices, and they are managing to keep their couponing events under wraps well enough that the normal couponing goddesses over at Hot Coupon World aren’t even making lists.

High on my list for Farm Fresh is Nestlé cookie dough for $0.50 with coupon and the mix&match deal

Deals for this week

Lori over at has published her weekly list of Farm Fresh match-ups. It it a lot of work, and I’m just thrilled that she does all that work for us.

There are a lot of great deals at Walgreens this week as well. Lori’s got the details on her couponing blog as well.

Farm Fresh – deals galore!

Using the matchup list provided at website, I made my trip to Farm Fresh tonight. I was fortunate to have a ConAgra coupon book in addition to newspaper circulars. (Especially since I don’t get RedPlum!)

My total at the register was $28.63 for all this:

This is a pretty good amount of food -- all for $28.63, but wait...

This is a pretty good amount of food -- all for $28.63, but wait...

There is a promo going on: when you buy $25 worth of Kellogg’s products (shown in the newspaper ad) you get $10 off your next shopping trip…

Two $5 catalinas, which I'll use in the next week or so.

Two $5 catalinas, which I'll use in the next week or so.

Notice, also in the picture, the Kellogg’s rebate form. For purchasing 10 of the items on the list, I get a $10 rebate directly from Kellogg’s. I’ll be sending THAT in tomorrow morning. (I use an exacto knife to cut the UPCs off the boxes.)

So, after the $10 ONYO (on your next order) and the $10 rebate, all of these goodies cost only $8.63! That’s what I call savings!

Farm Fresh 8/26

Lori, The Coupon Consultant, has her Farm Fresh matchups for 8/26 to 9/2 done. Don’t you just love her list? I do! It saves me time AND money.

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Day 3 – AYGC

Leftovers for dinner tonight. I had a bunko game, so I just had snacks there. (I won $40 at bunko!)

Since it was Wednesday, I used the list at TheCouponConsultant for my Farm Fresh shopping trip. I tend to go late at night. It works out for me, since there’s nearly nobody in the store and they’ve started stocking the shelves for the next day, so anything that had sold out during the day has usually already been replenished.

Here’s what I got today… for  $3.41

A point of clarification: My receipt total was $15.41, but they refunded $12. The Raisin Bran rang up wrong and the Farm Fresh policy is to give you the item for free if it rings up wrong. (it had rung up at $4.39, instead of $3, so they refunded the 4.39×2+tax = $9, and 3 coupons didn’t double, so they gave me cash back on those too.

See, cash!

The raisin bran (at least part of one box) and the buttermilk are for an awesome raisin bran muffin recipe my sister made for me a few weeks ago. I’m making ’em tomorrow.

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Big Farm Fresh Day

Lori, over at has done the Farm Fresh match-ups. Tons of stuff this week!

Alert: Farm Fresh Double Dollars Friday-Sunday

Yes, I’m slow on the uptake! I didn’t look at the newspaper yesterday (too busy couponing at Bloom, etc.) nor today (garage sales). A fellow couponer told me about it this afternoon at Bloom.

Here’s the link to the list again, in case you need it.