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Day 18 – AYGC

Ah… the trip home. I knew I wasn’t gonna get off scott free!

We made a pit stop on the way to the freeway and picked up snacks: over-priced chips, donuts and ice (we still had soft drinks left over from my previous shopping trip and the ones in the van we brought for the trip up). I spent $7.67. I’d have preferred to just get ice, but I think having the snacks kept up from having to stop for both lunch and dinner. 10-hour drive.

We did stop for lunch at Taco Bell (my all-time favorite fast-food restaurant). Andy wasn’t hungry, so he didn’t eat. Just Mike and I, cost $6.88.

We didn’t stop again for food. We got home about 9:30 and munched on snacks already available. Glad there was food in the house!

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