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Day 28 – AYGC

Well, talk about a let down for the last day. No shopping. No eating out. We had great, big sandwiches (with the slice ham and rolls from Sam’s yesterday) for dinner. Everyone was sort of doing his or her own thing so dinner was a non-event today. Andy and I ate together, my other son was hanging out with friends. Mike ate later (finishing off the last of the shredded beef). Normally we all eat at the table together — every night. Always have. I know my boys don’t realize it yet, but it’s a tradition they’ll likely miss at some point in their lives.

While I didn’t put much effort into the meal, I did manage to use up a bunch of cream cheese and eggs and made a cheesecake. Big sucker, too! With a nice fresh strawberry topping. I had to do something with those strawberries I splurged on before they went to waste. Plus, I made use of 2 pounds of cream cheese (I still have three 8-oz. packages).