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Farm Fresh, 1-18-09, Double & Triple Coupons

I almost missed this sale! Apparently it started on Friday and I didn’t notice the ad until this afternoon (that happened to me a few months ago, too).

Once I saw the ad I looked up some stuff online and got my coupons together. It was a little tough to shop at Farm Fresh with coupons, though, since they changed their policy so that you can only use coupons on two like items. That’s too few. I could see maybe doing that with the dollar Qs, but not all of them. Their competition is Bloom (unlimited like items, limit of 20 Qs), Harris Teeter (4 like items, 20 Qs), and Kroger (don’t know their policy since they’re 11 miles away). Bloom & Harris Teeter both triple up to 75 cents, but they never do dollars, so it’s a trade off. I keep my dollar coupons to use at Farm Fresh (or Super Kmart).

Anyway, while it was more trouble, and I did go to a few stores (very close together), I only spent $2.46 on:

Farm Fresh 1-18-09, $2.46 for all this

Farm Fresh 1-18-09, $2.46 for all this