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Day 10 – AYGC

Getting ready for my trip, taking advantage of Super Doubles at Harris Teeter and Double Dollar Wednesday at Farm Fresh — boy, oh boy, have I had a busy day!

First stop: Bloom – 4 12 packs of pop for our road trip. $10.25 including tax.

Next: Farm Fresh – Total was $17.03, but I bought 2 bottles of Tide ($3.99 each plus tax after coupon), and two boxes of Wet Ones ($0.50 each plus tax after coupon), so my grocery total was only $7.60.

Moving down the road: WalMart – Most of the ticket was non-food stuff. The food total was $10.52. $6 of that was lunch meat. I usually wait for a much better price, but I’m leaving a hungry 18 year old to fend for himself for a week, plus we’re packing sandwiches to eat on the road, so we needed something besides bologna.

Last stop for the night: Harris Teeter – My total was $9.72. If I weren’t so busy getting ready for vacation I’d have posted a picture of this stuff, at least. Lots of frozen heat-and-heat foods for the kid. Even though I’m providing fairly easy stuff, it should be a good experience for him to have to fend for himself for a bit.

Wow! My total is $38.09. Including yesterday’s shopping I’ve used up half of this week’s allowance. This may get tricky!

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