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Another deal for Harris Teeter Triples

I’m updating the master list for Harris Teeter Triples Matchups, but I’d set this aside yesterday and just now looked it up. My bad! That Q was from the insert my sister sent me from California.

Nabisco Planters Big Nut-Rition Bars – Energy on sale for $2.50. Coupon from 2/21 SS for .75/1 makes these only 25ยข a box. Only available if your ordered Qs online.

Day 3 of Harris Teeter Triples — still lots of great deals to be had!

I spent $2.97 today, $10.83 yesterday, and $4.43 on Wednesday. My receipt from Thursday is around somewhere…

Here’s what I got today for under $3:

In the foreground I even got a catalina for 50 cents off my next purchase (which will be tomorrow).

In all honesty, this trip’s total should have been a bit higher (by about a buck). Not sure why it wasn’t, but it makes up for the errors on the previous 3 trips, each one had coupons that didn’t triple correctly, which tends to happen when the coupon is for a purchase of more than one item, the first trip was several dollars higher than it should have been. I figure it balances out.

Deals for this week

Lori over at has published her weekly list of Farm Fresh match-ups. It it a lot of work, and I’m just thrilled that she does all that work for us.

There are a lot of great deals at Walgreens this week as well. Lori’s got the details on her couponing blog as well.

Harris Teeter Triples — The List

Sorry this is so late (Thursday in the wee hours). Busy day and I didn’t even start on the list until late in the day.

Lots of great deals!

I verified all the SmartSource coupons. I don’t get the RedPlum coupons, so I can’t verify those values. The IPs are usually correct, though sometimes the links are no longer working. (links for IPs came from HotCouponWorld)

Here’s the Hampton Roads Harris Teeter Triple Coupon List

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