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Harris Teeter Triples 9/14 True or False?

harris teeter couponing

Well the rumor mill has been spinning for about week…will Harris Teeter be holding a triple-coupon event next week ,or not? I’m never completely sold until I see it in the paper, but the folks at A Full Cup seem to be split on whether it will be TRIPLES or SUPER-DOUBLES and Southern Savers seems to think triples, and they’re wiser, more experienced at this than I am. The one constant has been that Harris Teeter is following the same calendar as last year, the question then being triples or super-doubles.

Here are links to some of the rumors:

I’m hesitant to order coupons. If it’s just super-doubles, I may or may not even go. There just aren’t that many coupons over a dollar, and since we’ve got a store that doubles dollar coupons every week, super-doubles leave me flat.