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Day 21 – AYGC

Wow! Three weeks in already!

I picked up some cookbooks today from a fellow freecycler. Old cookbooks… just the way I love them! A Yankee Cookbook from 1939, an Indian cookbook and a Chinese cookbook (both from the 1970s). Why do I like old cookbooks? Well, it’s usually cheaper to cook with unprocessed ingredients and there weren’t too many around back in the old days. The only drawback is when a recipe calls for something obscure and I can’t find a modern substitute, which isn’t nearly the problem is used to be before wikipedia and

Dinner today (prepared by my hubby) was bratwurst baked in sauerkraut, served with real mashed potatoes and a mixture of corn & peas. Yum! Why does dinner always taste better when somebody else cooks it?

No shopping today, so I’m well under my budget for the week. Heading downstairs to make muffin batter for tomorrow morning.

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Day 13 – AYGC

I knew tonight was going to kill our budget… it was my father in-law’s 75th birthday, which was the reason for our trip to Ohio. His brother and his wife flew out from California and his sister flew in from Texas to help celebrate — so we went out for dinner… and we picked up the tab. Even if we only calculated the meals by my husband, my son and me, I think we went over. Hubby has the receipt in his wallet. I have to do the math yet, and will get to that once we get home.

Even if we went over budget this week, I’m still going to keep “playing.” It’s a personal challenge for me. Back in February or March I’d challenged myself to not spend more than $100 in groceries for the MONTH, and I was only $20 over, and most of the money I’d spent was on soft drinks. (BTW, that $100 was including household goods and personal products.)

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