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Day 23 – AYGC

Shopping day!

I picked up a few essentials and some good deals on splurges at Harris Teeter on my way home from client meetings.

I decided against getting more steak, even though the NY strip was only $4.99 a pound. We just *had* steak, and I already had the beef for tonight’s burritos in the crockpot. The boneless, skinless chicken was BOGO, but their regular price is over $4 a pound, so that wasn’t all that great of a deal, and I still have some chicken. (I usually stock up when it’s about $1.80 a pound.)

I did splurge on a discounted cherry pie. $2 off (making it $3.99) because the top was cracked in a few places. Seemed to me the top shell was just pre-cut! And, since I splurged on the pie, I needed vanilla ice cream to go with it. I got the store brand for $2.50. Total splurges! With strawberries and blueberries on sale, I couldn’t resist them either. I also got 3 dozen eggs (at 88¢ each). Plus a loaf of bread and a package of hot dog buns. (once I get my second freezer I’ll buy the larger, cheaper packages of buns at Sams Club). Lastly, I bought a gallon of whole milk for another crack at homemade cheese, for a total of $19.02 including tax.

Like I said, dinner was shredded beef burritos with tomatillo sauce. The sauce was “okay”. I’ll be looking for a new recipe though, as I thought it should have had a LOT more flavor. I have more tomatillos from my garden and more on the plants.

The burritos were wrapped in homemade flour tortillas. Slightly thicker than the store-bought ones, but SO much tastier. And cheaper. I glanced at the flour tortillas at Harris Teeter and they were over $3 for a package of 8! (I’ve since looked at “express lane” and see that they have another brand that is much cheaper, but I don’t know where those are in the store.)

We topped the burritos with homemade salsa (made with tomatoes and jalapenos from the garden).

My kids teased me because the cheese was store-bought.

Dinner got an A+ rating from one kid and an A from the other. I like them to rate the dinners occasionally, especially when most of it is from scratch, to see if its worth all the trouble. Personally, I thought the meat was a B-.

I’d only made half the tortillas before dinner and finished them when we were done. They’ll make nice snacks, or perhaps another meal at the end of the week.

Tomorrow the new ads come out, so I’m sure I’ll be using more of my budget.

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Day 9 – AYGC

I finally did some shopping today! Spent $14.35, mostly on perishables like bread, milk, eggs and meat (steak again, into the freezer). And ice cream. Generic. And two 2-liter bottles of generic diet cola.  There were other items, but they were freebies with coupons.

The french bread was free with a survey code. About every 4th or 5th trip to Farm Fresh I get a survey form. Call the 800#, take the survey over the phone and they give you a code for a free loaf of bread.

The reason for the french bread was to go with our dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. We also had a nice tossed salad. All from stuff we had on hand. I even nabbed a tomato from the garden. They’re FINALLY starting to get ripe. Looks like I’ll get mostly zebra tomatoes.

I also exchanged my expired Fuel Express tickets for a new one, since I needed gas. I’d been told by someone at the store that they would do that and decided to give it a try. Pleasantly surprised. However a good friend of mine tried it also and two different people told her it couldn’t be done. Go figure.

Even better… there was a nice older man overseeing the gas station and he cleaned my windshield for me. Too cool.

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Day 8 – AYGC

One more day with no shopping. Wow! I even got the last loaf of bread out of the freezer. There is space in there! It’s usually packed to the gills.

Busy day, so we had what we refer to as “dinner in a box”, which is really Banquet Homestyle Bakes. Our favorite is Country Chicken/Mashed Potatoes/Biscuit. They only take about 5 minutes to put together, then bake for 20-30 minutes. Prices vary depending on your store (my final out-of-pocket price is usually about $2). There was a 50¢/1 coupon in the 07-19-09 Smart Source circular, as well as one in May “All You” magazine, so look for a sale and/or a double- or triple-coupon event to try one out. Even at full retail, which can be up to $5 at the posh grocery stores, for something that fast, I think it’s worth having one in the pantry — it’s still MUCH cheaper than fast food. And I think they taste pretty good!

Back on topic, we had fresh watermelon with the easy-peasy dinner.

Yes, I know, we haven’t had a green salad on the table in days. I have the lettuce for it too. Need to use it up now.

I’m trying to decide if I actually need to get the groceries on my list, or if I should wait until we come back from our trip. Probably need to get the bread and milk for my eldest, who isn’t coming with us due to college finals.

Now I need to see if there are any couponing events going on in Ohio while I’m there.