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Day 21 – AYGC

Wow! Three weeks in already!

I picked up some cookbooks today from a fellow freecycler. Old cookbooks… just the way I love them! A Yankee Cookbook from 1939, an Indian cookbook and a Chinese cookbook (both from the 1970s). Why do I like old cookbooks? Well, it’s usually cheaper to cook with unprocessed ingredients and there weren’t too many around back in the old days. The only drawback is when a recipe calls for something obscure and I can’t find a modern substitute, which isn’t nearly the problem is used to be before wikipedia and

Dinner today (prepared by my hubby) was bratwurst baked in sauerkraut, served with real mashed potatoes and a mixture of corn & peas. Yum! Why does dinner always taste better when somebody else cooks it?

No shopping today, so I’m well under my budget for the week. Heading downstairs to make muffin batter for tomorrow morning.

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Day 8 – AYGC

One more day with no shopping. Wow! I even got the last loaf of bread out of the freezer. There is space in there! It’s usually packed to the gills.

Busy day, so we had what we refer to as “dinner in a box”, which is really Banquet Homestyle Bakes. Our favorite is Country Chicken/Mashed Potatoes/Biscuit. They only take about 5 minutes to put together, then bake for 20-30 minutes. Prices vary depending on your store (my final out-of-pocket price is usually about $2). There was a 50ยข/1 coupon in the 07-19-09 Smart Source circular, as well as one in May “All You” magazine, so look for a sale and/or a double- or triple-coupon event to try one out. Even at full retail, which can be up to $5 at the posh grocery stores, for something that fast, I think it’s worth having one in the pantry — it’s still MUCH cheaper than fast food. And I think they taste pretty good!

Back on topic, we had fresh watermelon with the easy-peasy dinner.

Yes, I know, we haven’t had a green salad on the table in days. I have the lettuce for it too. Need to use it up now.

I’m trying to decide if I actually need to get the groceries on my list, or if I should wait until we come back from our trip. Probably need to get the bread and milk for my eldest, who isn’t coming with us due to college finals.

Now I need to see if there are any couponing events going on in Ohio while I’m there.