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Day 17 – AYGC

Another day of mooching off the in-laws. (It’s 600 miles away, so it’s not like we could go home for meals.) After a very late breakfast we all (excluding Andy) trekked out to do a bit of shopping at Walmart. I did actually spent about a buck and a half (receipt is around somewhere) on some Pocky for Andy. At home I get it at the commissary for about 85ยข, but it was over a buck in Ohio. Andy has been a total trooper — not complaining AT ALL about being dragged to Ohio for a week with no other kids around. So a treat was in order.

After shopping my father in-law treated us all to ice cream. Yum! I had butter pecan, which I haven’t had in decades. There was so much to choose from that I simply picked the first thing on the list.

We went out for dinner, also compliments of my father in-law, at a Chinese restaurant. Good food. Good conversation. I think we were all savoring our last night together.

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