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Day 7 – AYGC

I really blew it today. I *should* have gone to the store to pick up some milk, pizza fixin’s, etc., but just couldn’t get my butt in gear, so now those items will end up in the budget for the week we’re vacationing.

We used up some produce in the fridge for dinner — my husband made stuffed bell peppers. We always have plenty of rice on hand (I buy it in 25 lb bags at the warehouse clubs for about $12), and we had the hamburger in the freezer too. The recipe he made was from a Betty Crocker cookbook from the 70s and the recipes are mostly mid-western versions of food. It called for pre-cooking the hamburger and even mixing some of the tomato sauce with it and the rice and a few spices then stuffing the par-boiled peppers. Then topping with more tomato sauce and baking, adding mozzarella cheese to the top during the last 15 minutes in the oven. Very odd, but probably the best way to go if you’ve only got regular ground beef on hand and not lean.

My normal recipe calls for mixing the raw hamburger, salt, pepper, rice, chopped onions and a tad of garlic up and stuffing that into raw peppers. Then cooking that on the stove in a mixture of tomato sauce and chopped tomatoes, seasoned with oregano, bay leaf, salt & pepper (and whatever strikes me at the moment), sometimes adding a little red wine. If you use full-fat hamburger you’ve got a bit of problem on your hands with that recipe, though if you poke holes in the bell peppers before stuffing them the fat drains out okay.

With the stuffed peppers, my husband also served corn & peas, and mashed potatoes. Yum! Nice dinner, and even better since I didn’t have to cook it.

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