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Archive for November 2009

10 tips for a frugal thanksgiving dinner

Make turkey broth with your leftover turkey carcass Save the celery tops and celery leaves from your stuffing to use in your turkey broth Save the skins you peeled from your onions to use in your turkey broth (they add the color) Take all other vegetable scraps and add to your compost bin (or start…

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Poultry Seasoning

This morning when I got out my old American Home All Purpose Cookbook (©1966. I learned to cook with this book when I was 13), I saw my favorite “old fashioned stuffing” recipe called for poultry seasoning. Ack! I’d checked the cupboard for sage, but not for poultry seasoning. After a moment of panic, it…

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Making cheap turkeys tastier

Later today I hope to pick up a couple of the 40¢ per pound turkeys at Walmart. I like to get nice big ones, because I’m planning for leftovers. (I buy 2, freeze the second one, and we enjoy another nice turkey dinner in early spring.) One of the things I’ve learned about cooking a…

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