Money-saving tips for Thanksgiving

Here are a couple of tips to save money this Thanksgiving.

When you’re chopping celery for your stuffing, save the celery stems and leaves, and use them when making stock with your turkey carcass. They have all the same flavor and are going to be strained out anyway.

Also, when you are peeling onions for your various dishes save the onion skins and use those in your stock as well. The onion skins add color to your stock.

Check out our previous post about home made poultry seasoning, and our other post about common food substitutions that you can use when you’re out of an ingredient.

This last tip would have been more useful several months ago, what I do is save the bread crusts (end pieces) that my husband and boys don’t eat. I put them in a bag in the freezer and use them for the croutons for my stuffing. Thanksgiving morning, I dice them up, and toast them in the oven.