Shelf Life of Food in Your Stock Pile

I just found a link to a nifty site where you can look up the shelf life of of the food in your stockpile, as well as just about anything you can think of: I ran through the search for a handful of items, coolio! I haven’t trusted the shelf life dates on food…

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10 tips for a frugal thanksgiving dinner

Make turkey broth with your leftover turkey carcass Save the celery tops and celery leaves from your stuffing to use in your turkey broth Save the skins you peeled from your onions to use in your turkey broth (they add the color) Take all other vegetable scraps and add to your compost bin (or start…

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Make garage sale shopping easier

Whether you call them yard sales, garage sales, tag sales or rummage sales, it all means the same thing — buying second-hand goods at a deep discount. I love garage sales! To make my garage saling (can somebody please tell me the right way to write that!?) easier, I started looking into mapping them online…

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Farm Fresh Double Dollars continue…

There is still time to take advantage of the many great deals at Farm Fresh since they’re doubling up to $1 the whole sale week (through Tuesday). Can anyone say, “Free peanut butter?”

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The “Learn to be Frugal” Workshop at the Chesapeake Central Library yesterday was a great success. It was a small group, which suited me fine since I’m not comfortable in front of large crowds. The small size of the class also made it possible for a lot of interaction and I learned several great tips.…

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Tough Economic Times?

For a good read on the uniquely American perspective of “tough economic times” check out this post on Living on a Dime. Be sure to sign up for the free Living on a Dime newsletter while you are at the site.

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My rough list for Farm Fresh this weekend

All prices are from the Internet Express for the Great Bridge location. Item Q Exp Date Price Unit Price After Q Product from Internet Express Chinet Napkins – 11-23-08 SS $1.00/1 12/31/08 1.33 -0.67 2ply 40 ct beverage Scotch Packaging Tape, one roll – 11-23-08 SS $1.00/1 1/31/09 1.35 -0.65 2″ x 800″ Blue Bonnet…

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Sweet Savings

Just a little post about the grocery ads this morning. Harris Teeter has Mountaineer apples (my favorite) on sale for 1.69 a pound. Sweet and crisp! Not much else to write home about in their ad, but Farm Fresh is tripling up to 50 cents and doubling up to a dollar, so that’s where my…

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