Make garage sale shopping easier

By Valerie | April 25, 2009

Whether you call them yard sales, garage sales, tag sales or rummage sales, it all means the same thing — buying second-hand goods at a deep discount. I love garage sales! To make my garage saling (can somebody please tell me the right way to write that!?) easier, I started looking into mapping them online…

Farm Fresh Double Dollars continue…

By Valerie | April 25, 2009

There is still time to take advantage of the many great deals at Farm Fresh since they’re doubling up to $1 the whole sale week (through Tuesday). Can anyone say, “Free peanut butter?”

Harris Teeter Triples – April 29th

By Valerie | April 25, 2009

Head over to HotCouponWorld for the latest matchups and get those Qs ready for some great deals!


By Valerie | April 9, 2009

The “Learn to be Frugal” Workshop at the Chesapeake Central Library yesterday was a great success. It was a small group, which suited me fine since I’m not comfortable in front of large crowds. The small size of the class also made it possible for a lot of interaction and I learned several great tips.…

Clothing Swap Success

By Valerie | March 30, 2009

A few weeks ago, a very good friend of mine held a clothing swap. The last one she held at her house was so successful, that this time she chose to use the parish hall at her church to accommodate the almost 40 people who came. If you’re not familiar with the concept, its a…

Help With My Credit

By Valerie | March 11, 2009

Help With My Credit. I saw this on a commercial sponsored by the major credit card carriers and thought I’d see what it was about. From what I can tell, it looks like a good resource for folks who are struggling with consumer credit card debt. It has some solid advice for getting control of…

Tough Economic Times?

By Valerie | February 24, 2009

For a good read on the uniquely American perspective of “tough economic times” check out this post on Living on a Dime. Be sure to sign up for the free Living on a Dime newsletter while you are at the site.

How much meat does a turkey yield?

By Valerie | February 22, 2009

The question of the ages, isn’t it? Okay, maybe not. But I’d wondered in the past, so when I cooked up a turkey I bought at an after-the-holidays sale (49ยข a pound), I decided to find out. My bird (a very large hen) weighed in frozen at 21.67 lbs. I cooked this just for the…

Saving even more money by using multiple coupons

By Valerie | February 16, 2009

If someone would have told me a year ago that I would eagerly collect 5 or 10 (or more) of ANY coupon, I would have thought they’d lost their marbles. I just didn’t understand … yet. I’d never experienced the rush we get when we pay only pennies or even NOTHING for something that usually…

More spectacular savings from Kroger

By Valerie | February 6, 2009

Yes, I went to Kroger yesterday, too. I spent $4 and some change. Here’s my take: