Saving even more money by using multiple coupons

If someone would have told me a year ago that I would eagerly collect 5 or 10 (or more) of ANY coupon, I would have thought they’d lost their marbles.

I just didn’t understand … yet. I’d never experienced the rush we get when we pay only pennies or even NOTHING for something that usually costs a couple bucks. I didn’t know how valuable coupons are, or know how satisfied I’d feel with an overflowing pantry.

Now multiply that concept. One can of Ro*tel for free is a very good thing, but 10 of them is AWESOME! Thus, the magic of multiples.

Multiples come from all sorts of places: newspaper inserts, internet printable (IP) coupons, and coupon generators like the Target Coupon Generator at HotCouponWorld.

One of the first things I do when I get the sales circulars is to head over to HotCouponWorld and access the Coupon Database. I can look up the sale items and see if there is a coupon available – either one I might have in my file box or one on the internet that I can print. I also use the HotCouponWorld Coupon Database about once a week to look IPs for products that I buy regularly – usually you can only print two of any one IP, so stocking up takes some time.

For instance: Kroger carries Cottonelle TP, regular 4-roll pack, for $0.99. There are rolling IP coupons, usually for $0.50 off one pack, which double to $1, making the TP free. It just makes sense to always have some of those IP coupons on hand so that when I head to Kroger I can restock my bathrooms.

With tools like coupons from the Target Coupon generator, combined with manufacturers coupons, you can find some great deals at your local Target. (Go here for more information on this week’s deals at Target.)

Click here for additional coupon resources including printables, pricebooks, and more.